The salon equipment sold by SEUSA is properly packaged for safe shipment directly to your salon.

While some orders are shipped via UPS or private carrier, most orders are shipped via common carrier truck-line, F.O.B. our manufacturer’s factories.

Freight damage is not a frequent occurrence because of their packaging practices, but no shipment is immune to the risk of loss or damage. It is the responsibility of the customer to unload the shipment, inspect it upon receipt, and appropriately note any damage or shortage on the delivering carrier’s bill-of-lading before signing the bill-of-lading.


If the shipment delivered to you is not in accordance with the quantity of cartons as shown on your receipt, do not accept it until such shortages are noted on the Freight Bill and Bill of Lading.

ANY CLAIMS FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE should be filed immediately with the Transportation Company that makes delivery to your door. Claims for loss or damage MUST NOT be deducted from our invoice, nor payment therefore waiting adjustments of such claims.



1.  Have delivery person note on freight bill the nature and extent of damages. Notify the Transportation Company’s office to inspect merchandise.

2.  File claim for damages at once. In filing a claim, you may make a cash adjustment with the transportation company, for full value, arrange to have repairs made, or replace the merchandise.

3.  If the damage is unnoticed until merchandise is unpacked, notify the Transportation Company’s office immediately and ask to have it inspected.

4.  Do not destroy packing material until shipment is inspected and claim is settled.

Freight carriers rarely assume any responsibility for damage or loss that is not noted on the bill-of-lading at the time of delivery. The carrier who delivered this merchandise to your door is responsible for its safe delivery.


All new merchandise must be returned within 15 days from the date customer takes delivery of items and are subject to a restocking fee of 30% and BUYER’S payment of all shipping costs. Cancelled items (whether shipped or not) are subject to a 25% cancellation fee and all shipping costs (will be waived if cancelled within 24hrs) , as stated in the shipping costs section, below. There are no exceptions to this policy. Custom items are not returnable unless there is a defect in workmanship that cannot be remedied by SEUSA.


Due to the nature of the products we provide, shipping costs can vary not only because of shipping destinations, but also because of the larger size and weight of most of our items. We have found that on average, a good estimate of shipping costs can be calculated by adding 10% of the total product cost (when shipping within the continental United States).  A final shipping charge will reflect this average and be calculated and added to your total in the shopping cart after entering your address.

In many cases, SEUSA can optionally specify (at an additional cost) that the delivering carrier provide “inside delivery” of the shipment. The added cost depends upon the location of your salon, the size of the order, and the weight of the individual pallets or cartons … this additional cost is determined in advance by quotation from the delivering carriers. The normal practice of freight carriers is for the driver to bring the freight to the back of the trailer and for the consignee to unload the freight and take it inside. In the case of large shipments, or shipments of large items, this can be very difficult and SEUSA recommends that the inside-delivery be specified.

Please feel free to contact us for a detailed shipping cost estimate.

Present law does not require collection of sales taxes on SEUSA sales outside the state of North Carolina,

but we are required to collect and remit the sales taxes on shipments into North Carolina.